Bullying is cruel and very damaging to the individual, especially, when the individual is a child. According to laws, all the schools in the UK have defined a behavioural policy that includes bullying prevention. On the foreground, it emphasises that it is important for parents to be aware of all the policies related to bullying prevention. It is also imperative that your children report to you in case they ever feel insecure and vulnerable.

Catching Bullying in its Earlier Stage

Bullying can be present in various forms and most parents report a change in the behaviour of the child hinting that something is wrong. Children may exhibit a clear lack of interest in going to school and get socially isolated. There are certain aspects that psychologists want to highlight to parents as well as teachers regarding bullying. Read on to know these.

Bullying takes place when people around the bully and the victim play a silent role. The person can be a bystander, an onlooker and may be enjoying or fearful of getting bullied themselves. They generally watch as a silent spectator and they even join the bully. In such a case, bullying gets catalysed by the silent spectator and the bully feels encouraged.

If the bystander chooses to partner with the victim, the bully can be discouraged to some extent. Reporting the matter to the right people can also help to cut off the bullying. Moreover, even the child who suffers as a victim will ask for help only when they feel safe. So, it is imperative as adults to provide a safe and sound atmosphere where children can report to you when things sound unpleasant and bizarre. While adults may assume that children know the right thing to do in case of bullying act. However, psychologists who work in schools realise that children are rather fearful of the bullying happening to themselves or they are unsure about with whom they can talk to about that. The victim of the bullying may be feeling completely powerless, but the bystander can take a strategic action to prevent bullying if they know what the right thing to do is. So, training children and imparting the knowledge of awareness for bullying prevention can be the keys.

It is imperative that parents should also be able to pick up the earlier signs of bullying and take the necessary step of communication with the school authorities regarding the same. If you want to make your child more aware about bullying prevention and ensure a safer learning environment for them, please visit Safe Squad.