Types of Child Abuse

Physical abuse

Hitting, beating, slapping and throwing things at a child are all forms of physical abuse. Causing a child harm deliberately is abuse.


Emotional Abuse

You don’t have to hit to hurt. This is emotional abuse. Constantly scaring and humiliating a child is a form of emotional abuse which has a very bad effect on the child’s emotional health and development. Emotional abuse can hurt just as much as physical abuse.


Ignoring and not taking care of a child’s basic needs is abuse. Not giving a child food, water, shelter or proper medical care is neglecting a child. Not protecting the child from harm and not giving the child the care and love it requires.


Sexual Abuse

Forcing or persuading a child to carry out sexual acts is sexual abuse. This is not always physically as this can also be done via the internet. Children may not know they are being sexually abused.

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