What You Need To Know

What is Grooming?

This term is used to describe what a paedophile does to build a relationship with the child. There is no set pattern. For some, it can be a long time before they actually abuse the child. This activity gains the child’s trust and will include taking the child on outings, giving them attention, showing affection and cuddling them which will slowly turn into sexual touching.

What is a Paedophile?

A paedophile is an adult person who is attracted to children who have not begun puberty, usually 13 years and younger. They can be a man or a woman and are usually known to the child. They are not always strangers.

Important Facts

Paedophiles may seem perfectly respectable and ‘nice’


They are extremely cunning, clever and manipulative

They are good at making parents trust them

Paedophiles don’t necessarily look dirty, weird or creepy


They generally don’t act suspiciously. They behave and look normal

Paedophiles come from all walks of life


They will offer to teach games, sports or help with certain school projects

They are often fascinated with child activities more than adult activities


They trick children into trusting them


Paedophiles work hard at stalking their targets and will patiently work to develop relationships with them

It is not uncommon for paedophiles to work hard to be in places where they can get access to children

Paedophiles will hang around places where children are likely to go

Physical touching is not the only form of sexual abuse

Physical touching is not the only form of sexual abuse. Online sexual abuse has increased considerably. This is when the abuser will groom the child in an online web chat and ask the child to send pictures of themselves or carry out sexual acts via a video camera. This way is much easier for the abuser to seek out children and abuse them.

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